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TOEFL Junior, 即初中csgo雷火电竞,俗称为小csgo雷火电竞。是ETS美国教育考试服务中心专为全球11-17岁中小学生开发的权威英语能力测试。




学术演讲和讨论   Academic Talk and Discussion

学术讨论   Academic Discussion




eg:   listen to part of a discussion between ateacher and a student after class.

Nowyou will hear part of a radio program.


AcademicDiscussion 1

30.Whatare the speakers mainly talking about?

A. Anew road in their town

B. Anew way to build roads

C.The early history of roads

D. Thecost of building roads

31.Why does the woman talk about animals?

A.To explain how the first roads were created

B.To point out that long ago most people did not travel much

C.To describe an event that happened on a road nearby

D.To suggest that traveling on country roads can be dangerous

32.Why did people in England build ridge ways?

A.To connect small towns to major cities

B.To allow cars to drive around small towns

C.To create roads that water would not wash away

D. Tocreate a separate road for transporting animals

33.What does the woman say about roads in ancients Greece?

A.They were constructed on all of Greece's islands.

B. Theywere not as good as roads built by the Romans.

C.They were often washed away in the rain.

D.They connected Greece to the Roman Empire.

(Audio Script)

Man: Hello, listeners! Today I will be speaking with Ms. AmandaJones, the town director of road transportation. Thank you for joining us.

Woman: It's my pleasure.

Man: Ms. Jones, it seems like there are always new roads to buildand old ones to fix. let's start with new roads. How doyou decide where to put in a new road?

Woman: Well, that's an interesting question. One way to think about it is to go back in history. Youknow people didn't build the first roads, animals did.These roads were really just tracks, just paths that animals made in the dirtas they walked to find food or water. Then people started to use them. In fact,some of the roads we drive on today were one-time paths made by wild animals.

Man: But we humans began making roads for ourselves at some point,right?

Woman: Yes, of course. We made them when weneeded them, which happened when we started to settle in communities.And we wanted to trade with people in other communities; even then the roadswere pretty simple. let me ask a question. Why would we need anything more,like paved roads?

Man: Well, I suppose when we wanted to carry things, when webuild vehicles like carts and wagons.

Woman: Exactly, and that's when you started to see better roads.Roads made with logs and better yet stone or brick and roads made with good drainage.A good road has to have a place for water to go. Rain water can really damage aroad, or even wash it away.

In England, thousands of years ago, people made roads on the ridgesalong the cliffs and hills besides streams and rivers. Why? Because it's drierthere. ”Ridge ways” they called them. Some ridgeways still exist in England. They are still used today for walking and hiking.Now road building really started to increase when nations began to grow. Inancient India, rulers created big road networks. It helped them to controla lot of land from central cities. And the Romans became excellent roadbuilders. After all, they had a huge empire to connect together. But the roadsin ancient Greece were not as good as those of the Romans. They didn'tput as much effort into road building. Why? Because Greece is full of islandsand they travel more by boat.



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