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第八课   学术类文章之生物


TOEFL Junior, 即初中csgo雷火电竞,俗称为小csgo雷火电竞。是ETS美国教育考试服务中心专为全球11-17岁中小学生开发的权威英语能力测试。




Question 15-20 are about the following passage.

   The elephant is another animal that lives in groups. And elephants herd usually has from twenty to forty members. The elephants in the herd depend on one another for help in time of trouble.

   The leader of the group is usually a wise and strong female。 She travels at the head of the herd and is followed by the other females and their young. The bull elephant follow last. When danger threatens, the bulls form a circle around the weaker animals and guard them.

   The members of the herd are loyal to one another. A sick or wounded elephant is not left behind to die. If an elephant is sick, the whole herd stops traveling until it gets well. When an elephant is injured, two others walk on both sides of it and support it with their bodies. A member of the herd may be caught in a trap. Then the others try to free it.

    Elephants are fond of the youngsters in the group and give them special care. They help young animals stay afloat when the herd crosses a river. They work together to rescuea calf that has wandered into a dangerous place.

    A female elephant that is about to give birth to her young leaves the herd for a short time. However, she takes another female along to act as “aunt”. The aunt stands guard and helps the mother with her new-born calf. In this way, the whole herd protects its newest member.

15.In line 1, the word herdis closest in meaning to_______.

(A) leader   

(B) member   

(C) group   

(D) baby   

16. What is usually the leader of an elephant herd?

(A) A young bull elephant.   

(B) An elephant couple.   

(C) A wise and strong female.   

(D) A strong bull and its assistant.

17. When danger threatens, what would the bull elephant do to protect others?

(A) They would be the leader of the group.   

(B) They would fight with other animals.

(C) They would form a circle to protect them.

(D) They would attack with their tusk.

18. Why does the author mention“a sick or wounded elephant”?

(A) To prove that elephants from a herd are loyal to one another

(B) To demonstrate that a sick or wounded elephant would be deserted

(C) To explain that elephant is not a strong and powerful animal   

(D) To give an example of how a leader elephant would help the member

19. In line 11, the word rescueis closest in meaning to______.

(A) hurt   

(B) save   

(C) carry     

(D) protect   

20. In line 11, the word wanderedis closest in meaning to_______.

(A) walked   

(B) developed   

(C) sent     

(D) driven   

答案:15.C 16.C 17.C 18.A 19.B 20.A

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